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Interactive Kiosk

Mattel Barbie Interactive Kiosk Developed for Mattel and FAO Schwarz, “Styled By Me Barbie” is a 1,500 square-foot one of a kind interactive experience at FAO’s flagship Fifth Avenue store in Manhattan.

The moment they arrive, girls of all ages are captivated by two large Barbie® doll styling station kiosk, complete with eight interactive touch screens that guide girls through a step-by-step design process to personally select a doll, fashions, accessories, a doll case and even a gift for themselves. The possibilities are nearly limitless as girls can choose from among seven Barbie® dolls and friends featuring different skin tones and hair colors and styles, as well as from a "closet full" of runway and real world-inspired fashions and accessories to create highly-personalized Barbie® dolls.

After styling out their Barbie® dolls, girls can debut their newly styled doll in a mini "fashion show," in which each customized Barbie® doll will appear from behind a screen, "walk" down the miniature working runway and, ultimately, strike a pose for her audience. Like any premier fashion show, two large screens on both sides of the runway announce each girl's newly styled Barbie® doll using fun animations and music.

My team was responsible for every aspect from concept generation through creative design, development and in-store implementation. The year long project included complete application architecture and development of the user touch screen kiosk experience, localization in eight different languages, overhead video presentations, a custom fulfillment application and integration with FAO’s SAP Point of Sales system as well as hardware integration with the kiosk structure and mechanical runway.

The User Interfaces; both kiosk and fulfillment, were created using dynamic Flash utilizing Microsoft .NET C# and a MS SQL database for back-office functionality. All dolls, clothing and accessories are dynamically populated based on product availability.